Dr Vera John-Müeller

Vera John-Müeller, Ph.D.
Professor of Applied Psychology
The Federal Labor College
Galt’s Gulch, CA 32537
Email: vera-john@georgemeany.org

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Academic Iterests

Evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, human ethology, psychology of women, game theory, empirical scepticism.

As a Professor of Psychology at the Federal Labor College, Dr. Vera John teaches many different courses. The following courses are are to be found in the course catalog under Psychology (PSYCH).

Psychology of Creativity
The Psychological Strategies of Women
Language and Thought

Latest Work of Vera John

Psychology of Women

The psychology of women is focused on both how and why women act, think and feel. Another term that is used it psychology of gender but it leaves out very important things are unique to women, such as pregnancy, menstruation and breastfeeding. Neither feminist psychology can be considered appropriate since it has to much luggage and has too many different definitions.

There are two main branches of thought in the psychology of women: Sigmund Freud and Charles Darwin who both supposedly shared a perception of women as inferior to men. I believe the thought of one sex being inferior to the other from an evolutionary standpoint to be ridiculous. Different characteristics in the mind are most likely to cause an outcome with lots of children in men and women. The psychology of men and women are both “optimized” to make us act in a way that is likely to produce successful offspring. From this perspective it’s not possible to say that one sex is superior to the other.

Darwinism theories are based on natural selection, and also less known; sexual selection. Individuals compete and the ones that have successful traits reproduce more and spread their genes. The more controversial theory called sexual selection brings up the male struggle for sexual access to the females. Females didn’t fight for males to the same degree, and therefore had less need of intelligence, courage and perseverance. S number of scholars tried unsuccessfully to refute Darwinism by making up evidence against greater male variability (note that variability does not mean superiority). Such empirical evidence has yet to be produced.

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