Hello Brave New World!

This is my first post and a quick presentation.

Well, what can I say. The reasons I ended up at the Federal Labor College are basically two; I am a recovered gambling addict at the age of 18. As soon as I turned 18, I racked up credit card debt and being from Atlanta certainly didn’t make things easier. I could hide it all before I was 18. It ended with me getting fired from stealing from the store where I worked. Dad grounded me event though I was technically a grown up. This didn’t stop me from getting a couple of credit cards and maxing them out on online casinos.

The solutions turned out to be the Federal Labor College that is located far away from any casinos and the school firewall blocks everything even remotely similar to an online casino. I was also always a vegan and interested in socialism that is taught here. When I have completed the first semester without doing anything bad, I hope dad will reward me by paying off my debts. Three years without any monkey business and maybe he pays off my student loan too 🙂

I will try to talk less about my depressive past and more about the conspiracies of the market capital and the military industrial complex. There is so much to tell, and I learn new things every day here on the campus!

Yours Truly
Mr. Green

Even this blog managed to get flagged as suspicious because I talk about casinos and gambling. The technicians ended up blocking it and didn’t activate it again until they manually reviewed it.

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