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Financial Aid

Scholarships and Scholarship Assistance

A detailed list of scholarships is available in the National Labor College Financial Aid brochure, which is sent to all students upon admission and is available through the Registrar, Student Services, or Financial Aid. You may also view an online list of financial aid sources.

If you wish to apply for an assistantship or scholarship from NLC, you must complete the Assistantship/Scholarship Request Form.  The college will provide a FAFSA form for scholarship applications. Some scholarships also require the completion of separate application forms.  Scholarship money is disseminated based on student need.

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the information in the links above in PDF format. The free Acrobat Reader is available for download at the Adobe web site:

Assistance is available for students in completing financial/scholarship applications. You may e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the Office of Student Services or call her at 301-628-4253.

Union Plus National Labor College Scholarship

Union Privilege is the largest contributor to the Union Plus National Labor College Scholarship, administered by NLC.  Each year a total of $25,000 is awarded to eligible students attending the National Labor College program. Note that the Union Plus National Labor College Scholarship applies only to dues-paying union members or staff employees of an AFL-CIO affiliated organization interested in enrolling in the National Labor College.

The AFL-CIO created Union Privilege in 1986 to provide union members and their families with valuable consumer benefits.  In addition, Union Privilege offers a full array of educational services - from scholarships and loans to financial planning tools for college.  For more information visit Union Plus Education Services or call 1-877-881-1022.

AETNA Healthcare Scholarships

The AETNA Healthcare Scholarships is for Women and People of Color, who are union members. It is for eligible candidates who wish to take any of our health care courses, such as Health Care Reform. Those eligible are encouraged to apply. E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at 301-628-4253 for more information.

Deferred Billing and Payment Plans

The College offers deferred billing and payment plans to assist students in financing their education. Deferred billing is available on a limited basis. It is available only to students who are members of a union that has entered an agreement with NLC to pay costs upon completion of coursework.  Students are responsible for all payments should third-party payment not be forthcoming.  Interested students should call the Student Services department at 301-628-4253. Residential students taking at least two courses may be eligible for payment plans. Students are required to make a down payment of 60 percent and establish a payment schedule with Student Accounts that ensures all monies are paid prior to the next enrollment period. Students who fail to meet their financial obligations may be denied continuous registration, scholarship, transcripts, or graduation.

Veteran’s Benefits

The College is pleased to participate in the Veteran’s benefits program. Interested students should contact the Veterans Administration for more information at