Experiential Learning

What exactly is experiential credit?
Experiential Learning Credit is college credit that is awarded for learning that took place outside of a traditional classroom.  Perhaps you have learned what you know on the job, by volunteering in the community, by starting your own business or through some craft or hobby you have developed over the years.

If you are able to clearly demonstrate your learning through written essays, documentation and other sources of verification, experiential credit may be your best option.

How do I get Experiential Credit?
While there are other colleges and universities that accept experiential credits the National Labor College has several distinguishing features that set it apart from other colleges.   

  • First, the National Labor College values the experience of all workers and our classes are designed to support adult learners and their individual learning styles.
  • Second, is our signature course in Educational Planning, which was specifically created to assist new and returning students build an educational portfolio that can be assessed for credit.
  • Lastly, the National Labor College allows student to earn up to 30 experiential credits for the tuition cost of the Educational Planning Course and a one time portfolio assessment fee of $200 dollars! 

Whether you have learned on the job, by volunteering in the community, starting your own business, or through some craft or hobby you have mastered over the years.  The Educational Planning Course can help you get the credit you deserve for your life learning experiences and achievements!

Each week of the course provides students with step by step instructions on how to complete an experiential learning portfolio complete with your Narrative, Resume and Experiential Essays.

The following presentation is intend for perspective students who would like to learn more about experiential credit at the National Labor College.