Grassroots Leadership Courses

The National Labor College (NLC) is offering the online course Grassroots Leadership for Working America I.

This five week course is designed to develop critical leadership skills for activists. This course will provide you with an economic and historical analysis of the present U.S. situation and it includes descriptive and analytical readings of the present day situation for U.S. workers. You will conduct research and then become politically active in a local issue you are concerned about – both online and in your community. Upon completion, you will receive one college credit.

The NLC is offering this one-credit course at a one time introductory rate of $150 to members of Working America, a savings of $50!

There is also a continuation course, Grassroots Leadership for Working America II, in which you select one issue to focus a mini-campaign around. You will be exposed to and learn about many grassroots campaign skills that you will use during your campaign mini-campaign. This two credit course is also offered at the special introductory rate of $150 per credit. The total cost for this course is $300.