Labor Safety and Health Training Project

The Labor Safety and Health Training Project is a joint project of the National Labor College and the AFL-CIO.

The goal of the Project is to increase the involvement of workers in union efforts to improve workplace safety and health, and to increase the effectiveness of these efforts. The Project has developed extensive training materials and facilitator guides to be used in educating union members about workplace safety and health. The Project offers free safety and health training to union members, officers and staff, and also conducts a week long "train the trainer" program at the National Labor College.

Safety and Health Training

The Project provides workshops on workplace safety and health, free of charge, for unions and labor-related organizations.  These workshops can be for members, officers or staff.  Workshops are very participatory and are available in English or in Spanish.  For information on this training, click “Safety and Health Training”.

Train the Trainer Program

The “train the trainer” program is a six-day course on workplace health and safety using a participatory popular education approach. The program is for union activists, staff, and local union health and safety representatives who would like to teach their membership about workplace health and safety issues. Participants will learn the fundamentals of workplace health and safety, with a focus on the topics below. They will also learn how to teach or facilitate classes on these subjects for other union members. Specific topics to be covered include:

  • Worker and Union Roles in Workplace Safety and Health
  • Identifying Hazards in the Workplace
  • Legal Health and Safety Rights of Workers and Unions
  • Recordkeeping (OSHA 300 Log) Requirements
  • Introduction to Ergonomics
  • Effective Health and Safety Committees

The next Train the Trainer program will be held at the National Labor College on March 2-7, 2008.

Training Materials

The Labor Safety and Health Training Project has developed extensive training materials and facilitator guides to be used in educating union members about workplace safety and health. Training materials are in English and Spanish. Online access to training materials is limited to union safety and health trainers. Sign in to the right to access the materials.

Union Fact Sheets on Preparedness for Pandemic Flu

The Project has recently developed union fact sheets on preparedness for pandemic flu. Although there is no flu pandemic in the world at present, if pandemic flu arrives in the United States, it will have huge effects on our nation and its workplaces. Millions of people will become sick and die. Health care facilities will be overwhelmed with sick patients, absenteeism will go up, and the economy will slow down. During a pandemic, many workers will be at risk of being exposed to the pandemic flu virus at work and becoming sick themselves. In order to protect workers from exposure, it is essential that workplaces plan and prepare for the safety and health issues of pandemic flu before it arrives. These fact sheets explain the basics of pandemic flu, how to best protect workers, and the actions that should be taken now.