Secretary-Treasurer Courses

The National Labor College offers two special courses for the union Secretary-Treasurer:

Click the link above for each class to learn details about the courses.  The chart below will also assist you in selecting the one that is right for you.


 Labor Dept LM-2 Requirements

Secretary-Treasurer’s Total Solution

Understand the Labor Dept requirements

Acquire electronic signatures for the LM-2


File the LM-2 form electronically


Learn the Quickbooks accounting system

Establish a standardized chart of accounts

Establish a Local payroll and credit card account

Design monthly financial reporting

Establish income and expense accounts to track  costs of the local

Determine your Local’s fiduciary responsibilities

Establish asset and liability accounts for taxes, buildings, furniture and equipment

Length of course

5 days

5 days

Earn college credits

3 credits

3 credits