University of Baltimore Master’s Degree Programs at NLC

The NLC has arranged for two master’s degree programs to be delivered by the University of Baltimore at the NLC campus: a Master of Arts in Legal and Ethical Studies and a Master of Public Administration.

The University of Baltimore has adapted its master’s degree curricula to serve the needs of trade unionists.  Registration is open to trade unionists who have earned a bachelor’s degree from the NLC or other regionally accredited university or college and meet the admissions criteria of the University of Baltimore. See the online handbook with more complete information about programs with the University of Baltimore.

Students enrolled in the University of Baltimore’s master’s degree programs are required to spend time in-residence each term and complete the remainder of their coursework online.  Residential sessions are held at the NLC campus three times throughout the year: October, April, and June.

Applying to the University of Baltimore Graduate Degree Programs

All applicants should submit a completed application form and credentials to NLC. NLC will forward applications to the University of Baltimore for review and approval.  An application form may be obtained from the Student Services department at the NLC, or the University of Baltimore’s website.


Students cannot register for classes until they have been formally admitted by the program director at University of Baltimore.  After learning of their acceptance into the program, students may register for classes by sending an e-mail to records(a) The e-mail should include the student’s name, social security number, contact information, and the courses for which you wish to register.  Students must identify themselves as National Labor College students.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are determined by and paid directly to the University of Baltimore.* Tuition for Fall 2005 is $1389 (for 3 credits) and fees are approximately $231.  In addition, there is a $250 graduation fee. For more information on tuition and fees, visit  Full payment is required at the start of the in-residence session at NLC. Cash, personal check, American Express, Mastercard, and Visa are accepted.  No refunds are available once classes begin during the in-residence session. Students may receive a refund for books within 24 hours after the week-in-residence begins. The University of Baltimore reserves the right to change tuition and fees as necessary without notice. Please consult the University of Baltimore’s website at

Each student is responsible for making the necessary arrangements for housing meals, etc., for the in-residence session at NLC.  Charges for the in-residence stay at NLC are not included in charges from the University of Baltimore.

Note: The National Labor College may change the housing and meal costs associated with the master’s degree programs without prior notice. Housing arrangements can be made by calling 301-431-6400.

*The AFL-CIO provides a substantial subsidy to the College.  Students who are not active (dues paying) members of AFL-CIO affiliated unions are required to pay differential tuition to account for the subsidy. For students enrolling in University of Baltimore, the differential tuition rate is $2115 per 3 credits.

Financial Assistance

Students may be eligible to participate in financial assistance programs through the University of Baltimore. Interested students should check out