SWO Instructors

Morty Simon and Carol Oppenheimer each have over 25 years of experience as labor attorneys doing arbitration and labor litigation.  They have both been listed in the Best Lawyers in America.  They have taught trial advocacy and tactics in law schools and to groups of attorneys.  They teach arbitration, advanced arbitration, workers’ rights, grievance handling, and negotiations for the Southwest Organizing School.  They teach labor law at the main campus of the National Labor College.  They also serve as Directors of the Southwest Organizing School.

Elise Bryant is a Senior Staff Associate at the National Labor College.  Before coming to the Meany Center, Elise was a program associate with the Union Minorities/Women Leadership Training Program at the University of Michigan’s Labor Studies Center.  She worked with Michigan’s unions to organize the Latino Workers Leadership Institute, the Michigan Summer School for Women’s Workers, and the Black Men in Unions Institute.

Teresa Conrow works with unions throughout the world on global strategic campaigns against international corporations, internal and external union organizing, and labor education methods.  She is the author of the book Organizing Modules for Trade Unions: How to Increase Worker Participation in Our Unions, as well as other articles and materials on organizing, teaching methods, and union campaigns.

David Myers is the Director of the Fogelson Library at the College of Santa Fe.  He is an associate professor of history.  He teaches classes on modern American and labor history. He has a long background of working for labor-related libraries and archives.  He has written extensively on labor history and labor leaders. He is currently completing a book that deals with workers in the American West.

Diane Pinkey has been a workplace educator for the past fifteen years. During that time, she has developed labor-management adult education programs at numerous unionized worksites.  Currently she teaches developmental writing and commercial drivers license test preparation at Santa Fe Community College and acts as Deputy Director for the New Mexico Coalition for Literacy. She also sits on the Board of the Northern New Mexico Local Workforce Development Board.

Glenn Scott has cordinated media outreach for local unions, developed media strategies for numerous labor/community coalitions, and led labor education and leadership workshops for union locals throughout Texas over the last 20 years .  Glenn has worked for the Texas AFL-CIO and UNITE, and since 1996, for Education Austin, a merged local affiliated with both NEA and AFT.

Linda Tubach has over 20 years of experience teaching labor history to high school and college students, as well as labor union activists.  She is Chairperson of the California Federation of Teachers (AFL-CIO) Labor in the Schools Committee and created teh award-winning Collective Bargaining Education Project in the Los Angeles Unified School District.