Student Union

Undergraduate Student Union Association

The Student Union Association is an organization of the students dedicated to improving the College and meeting the needs of the students.  The Student Union officers are elected once a year near the summer session.  They meet with the College administration during each week-in-residence to address concerns voiced by the students. The Student Union body as a whole meets each term. The Student Union donates money to the scholarship fund to be used for students enrolled in the College.  The Student Activity fee is $25.00 and is collected each term.

Constitution & Bylaws of the Student Union
January 30, 2003: Resolution of the Student Union
May 4, 2003: Proposed Bylaw Amendment

Graduate Student Union

The mission of the Graduate Student Union shall be to serve the student body by organizing the student for providing for the fair and equitable treatment of all. The Graduate student Union shall work to provide an environment conducive to the accumulation and dissemination of the knowledge between the National Labor College, its partners, and the members of the Student Body.

Graduate 'students in October 2001

Graduate students during October 2001 residency week