Mother Jones’ Final Sojourn

My Search for the House Where the Miners Angel Died


1. Mary “Mother” Jones, a “hell raiser” for unions and the rights of workers. Photograph courtesy of the George Meany Memorial Archives.

2. Mother Jones seated between Walter Burgess and his newphew Burgess (Burt) Fowler on the front porch of the Burgess home, ca. October 1929. She spent the last several years of her long life at this house in what was then rural Maryland, north of Washington, D.C. Photograph courtesy of Vanette Fowler.

3. Saul Schniderman stands next to the Maryland roadside marker which was dedicated on December 2, 2000, two days after the seventieth anniversary of Mother Jones’ death at the Burgess home. Photograph by Bob Reynolds; courtesy of Saul Schniderman.