A Message from NLC's New President, William E. Scheuerman, Ph.D.

I'm honored to take the post of President of the National Labor College. The NLC is a unique institution. It is the only college in the world created with a mission to educate trade unionists. It's a privilege to head such an important organization.

New beginnings present new challenges and opportunities. That's why I plan to initiate a new phase in the College's brief but wonderful history. Many of you have seen our new and expanded campus. It's a modern high-tech, student friendly facility that makes us all proud.









Now we have to grow the College and expand its role. The NLC is the flagship institution of higher learning for working people, but it should also become one of the centers for debate on the challenges facing organized labor in the 21st century.

In the next few months, we at the NLC will intensify our efforts to reach out to union locals, central labor councils and state federations across the nation. We want to make certain that union members understand the many opportunities the NLC offers. Working with our sisters and brothers in the labor movement, we will explore how the College can benefit unionists on the job and in their unions. Once we answer these questions, we'll develop more courses and programs that meet your needs. The NLC is your College! We'll turn up the volume in the media and shout out loud that working and learning are lifelong endeavors!

The NLC is also gaining visibility on the international scene. In December, the College was home to more than 200 trade union leaders from the United States and 63 countries around the world in the first ever Global Union Organizing Committee conference hosed by the AFL-CIO.  As the only college in the world exclusively dedicated to educating labor, the NLC's star as a global educator is on the rise.

In the 21st century worker education is more important than ever! Organized labor won workers their share in the 20th century and we're doing it still.  Now the labor movement can add the NLC to its arsenal in the battle for labor's rights. The NLC is here to provide working people the tools they need to get their due.  At no time in American history has labor education played a more vital role in protecting and promoting workers' interests.  I invite you to take advantage of the many opportunities the NLC offers.